Car subsidies

Over the years, 25 young people had the advantage and benefit of using our cars. Here's what three people say about our car subsidies:

“To begin with, I feel, as I think most people in my situation would do, that access to a car gives a freedom and an independence that is priceless, a sense of independence that is more important than ever when you are physically limited in the middle of life. The ability to drive allows me to largely continue to live the spontaneous and mobile life that is my life, regardless of number of legs. I can’t imagine life without a car.”
– Therese

“The most difficult thing that haunted me at night, is that the day life more or less disappeared. Things that were naturally before, now became obvious problems that I myself had no control over. My economy collapsed and the questions of what happens next came. Do we have to sell? How will the kids get to daycare? Who laws the leak on the roof? How can my partner and I stay together? When can I come back and help out and be able to look ahead, and do I dare?”
– Martin

“It took a week to get used to the left accelerator and the automatic transmission, but after a while I was in the big city and drove as usual again. An incredible feeling of freedom, given when I had my right leg amputated. The car has really meant a lot to me, I can cope for myself and go for a ride, visit family and friends, run errands myself without relying on other people. It raises the real spark of life and self-confidence significantly!”
– Ove

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