Research grants

Johan Jansson Foundation awards annual grants to various research projects, and contributions to the Foundation goes directly to research without any administrative costs. Researchers who receive financial support for their research reports annually to the Board the results obtained.

In total, the Foundation has during the years 1998 to 2017 given SEK 11.2 million for research.

In 2017 SEK 750 000 was disbursed to 11 researchers:

Daniel Andersson,
Christina Berger,
Peter Bergh,
Dolatabadi Soushila,
Fredrik Enlund,
Filges Stefan,
Fereydouni Bentolhoda,
Emma Jonasson
Jon Kindblom,
Anders Ståhlberg, and
Vannas Chrisstoffer.

During 1998 – 2017, SEK 11.2 million was divided among an average of 10 researchers / year. In addition, 5 handicap-equipped cars were loaned and 2 driving license courses were paid. In addition, 5 Volvo station wagons were loaned on a yearly basis to disabled young people, who thereby gained a much better quality of life.