What are musculoskeletal tumors?

Musculoskeletal tumors are cancers that affect the body’s locomotion and support tissues such as muscles, joints and bones. This form of cancer is relatively rare and primarily affects children and young adults. Many of these tumors are very serious and do often require difficult and extensive therapies including surgery, radiation therapy and pharmacological treatment.

Although methods for diagnosis and for surgery and other treatment, has improved considerably in recent decades, much remains to be done.

It is extremely important for these patients that through research come up with new and improved methods to make the diagnosis, to assess the correct prognosis, to select the best form of treatment and to develop ways to improve patients’ quality of life.

At Sahlgrenska University Hospital is a leading international center for diagnosis, treatment and research into these cancers (CMT).

The research conducted at this center and by other cancer researchers in this area is totally dependent on financial support from external funds and foundations.

In total, the Foundation has during the years 1998 to 2021 given SEK 14 million for research.